Yiayia's Beef Stroganoff

Decide stroganoff veg you will serve for each special meal or party. Make a list for each event. Make sure you have a balance of protein, starch, something green and something red/orange/yellow. Try to avoid a lot of last-minute or time-consuming recipes.

Which leaves us with this: glaciers aren't fun, and impending extinction ranks somewhere between the last Transformer movie and the U.S. Congress on the Suck-A-Tron scale. So all you can do is grab your parka, stock up on packages of freeze-dried beef stroganoff in slow cooker, and hope that you'll see the Thaw.

russian stew is the International Year of Quinoa as declared by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Most grains contain a small amount of protein, but quinoa (technically a seed) contains more than 8 grams per cup, including all nine essential amino acids. Try quinoa as a breakfast cereal in place of oatmeal or include it in a soup or vegetarian chili.

Like chicken noodle soup, beef stew can be made ahead of time and frozen in lunch size portions. Use beef broth for a base, then add in veggies such as carrots, celery, and corn. If you're going to freeze it, don't use potatoes as their texture changes when frozen. Barley is a great whole grain add-in that is soft and small for toddlers to handle.

Immediately package up all dinner leftovers for possible lunches (or breakfasts). My daughter's favorite breakfasts are leftover reheated casseroles or a half a sandwich.