Four Military Police Dogs To Work Secret Service Detail For Obama Inauguration

For the next two years your spam email may be less. The emails that you were getting from Nigeria to "help" someone by cashing checks and sending them a portion of secret service history money will stop for at least a little while. Now if only they would stop getting my hopes up of winning the "lottery"!

Jay's audience was especially energized. Jay was wearing a nice silk dark blue designed tie and black suit with flag pin. Even the band suited. Jay mentioned the NCAA briefly then went straight into secret service style earpiece for cell phone security jokes. Jay stated that not many people would go the distance that the president has traveled to get to California, but then again, not many people live with their mother-in-laws. Jay also did a quick Arnold imitation, spoke of AIG and completed some "the economy is so bad" riffs. Madoff couldn't even slip away from Jay without being noticed. A funny beginning to a very tired looking Jay Leno. But what about Barack's appearance?

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In the UK, you are required by law to acquire an SIA close protection License if you want to work in the sector. A basic Close Protection Training course took a mere 20 days. Which is what I decided to start out with. Having no previous experience with Security or Surveillance and being relatively fresh-faced, I didn't know what to expect.

If you have a family that includes small children, you may want to look into which breeds are generally best around kids. I've already given you 60 dog breeds that have shown to be reliable around children. Here are the final twenty on my list of dog breeds out there for your family. It should be said that breed alone does not determine if a dog is the right choice for your household. All dogs are individuals and breeding is just one ingredient that shapes the animal's temperament.

While the fbi hasn't said whether this is a murder or suicide, it appears this may be a murder linked to anti-government sentiment. The word "FED" was scrawled across the chest of 51 year old Bill Sparkman's body. It has not been released whether the word was written or scratched into his chest.

But investigators found out that I didn't get fired because Billie had told them that originally and they brought that up to me and I was like, yeah, I quit my job for reasons and I didn't tell Billie for fear it would cause a big fight and I didn't want to ruin the peace that's been happening for the past six months. I just wanted to keep the peace and try to find another job and then let her know.

This is just a small sample of what awaits you at the FBI Academy. If you are really intent on becoming an FBI agent, be aware of all the requirements. And realize that is not an easy thing to do. Most people that attempt to become an agent FAIL. This is meant to weed out anybody incapable of performing the extensive tasks involved in FBI surveillance and counter-terrorism work.