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If you have been experiencing a boring marriage or you and your spouse are heading into trouble, there are ways I use to save my marriage that might work for you. Whether you have been fighting verbally or experiencing the silent treatment with lines of communication closed, there is still hope.

How long has it been since you stayed at a fine hotel or ate dinner at a fine restaurant? Think of that experience for a minute. I always pay attention to the quality of the experience. I immediately notice cleanliness, whether the shower-head functions properly, whether the shower is nicely caulked (I know, what a geek!), the amenities, the common areas, or in a cheap two way radios motorola the ambiance, the presentation, the skill of service, etc. The quality of the experience is the value I take away in my memory, as their customer.

"Come inside. I'll get you a drink and you can meet my family before we sit down for dinner. Come. I'll introduce you to Maman and Baba." Phillipa smiled. It seemed strange to hear her friend say mother and father in Greek. The atmosphere of Cypriot life was becoming very real and homely.

Here's an example of how one bride decorated for her informal Valentine's Day wedding. The reception was held in a large Victorian home. The dining area was decorated with bouquets of red heart-shaped mylar balloons with alternating red and white ribbons. The balloons were held in place with a weighted base covered in metallic red tissue paper.

11. Cook at home. Avoid going out to eat. For a family of 4, eating out 5 times a week, there is a possible yearly savings of $5,200 yearly. If you spend $20 per meal, most spend more.

Often, finding time to exercise is a matter of re-prioritizing the things you do when you aren't working. Many people come home from work and immediately turn on the television or grab a beer out of the fridge. While it's important to relax after work, you probably could use some of your down time more productively. For example, instead of watching TV from your favorite easy chair, you could walk restaurant communication system place or use an exercise machine during commercials or even during your favorite show.

Think. Think. Think. Your event expresses your personality, your taste, and your ability. The more thought you put into it beforehand, the more successful your event is likely to be. Most of all, let them leave laughing!

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